Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can I have a drum roll for some Exotic Plecos!?

First of all most of you know how crazy I am for Plecostomus, Whiptail catfish and especially Corydoras species. The next few orders will reflect that passion.  It is the goal of Finatics to have some truly amazing and exotic fish for your enjoyment. Tonight’s order consists wholly of exotic Catfishes. The Chameleon Whiptails and the Zebra Plecostomus are two examples of fantastic fish you can keep in your aquarium.

Fish arrive 11:00 PST and will be for sale Friday am.

 2 each (Sturisoma festivum) Royal Farowella Catfish

2 each  (Pseudohemiodon apithanos) Chameleon Whiptail Catfish

3 each  (Panaque nigrolineatus) Royal Plecostomus L191

1 each (Hypancistrus Sp) L066 King Tiger Plecostomus

2 each (Hypancistrus sp) Tank Raised Zebra Plecostomus

25 each (Otocinclus arnoldi) Common Octocinclus 

Your One stop Plecostomus shop!

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